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3 Reasons Why Artists Need To Create Their Own Brand And Not Wait For A Label To Do It For Them

Artists Need To Create Their Own Brand And Not Wait For A Label To Do It For Them

Q: “Hey Denice! I have been holding back in terms of creating a real brand in order to be a “clean slate” for a label. Is this the right thing for me to do?” – Caarn H.

A: Short answer, No… but let me explain.

A lot of artists have this romantic idea about what a record label actually does in 2017. 

It’s a huge MYTH that a record label is going to want to use their time, money, and resources to build an artist from a clean slate. Sure, there are huge record labels out there that will sign artists and develop them over the years but I can guarantee you that 99.99% of the artist they pick to develop already have a solid foundation in place with their brand.

Why Having an Established Brand Matters

Having an established brand says a lot about you as an artist.

#1 It shows you are serious about having a career in the music business

Since I own and run my company, EDM World Magazine, I get a ton of music submissions, interview requests, and artists reaching out to me looking for feedback on their brand.

I have literally seen it all. The good, the bad, and the straight-up fugly (aka fucking ugly for those who don’t know the term).

I can tell within two minutes of looking at an artist’s digital assets if they are truly serious in wanting to be successful in music. What do I look at? It’s pretty easy to tell by running a quick google search to see if they have an established AND (here’s the kicker) active website, social media profiles, press kit, and music released on any of the music distribution channels like Spotify or iTunes.

Work to set these platforms up and get consistent about putting out content and interacting with your fans.

#2 It shows you are willing to invest in yourself FIRST before someone else (like a record label) invests in you

When I say invest I truly mean spending your own money on your business to get it off the ground. If you don’t treat what you are doing like it is a business you won’t be taken very seriously.

At a bare minimum, get a professional logo designed and professional photos taken of you. This should be an easy first step in building your brand as you’ll be working directly with other professionals who can help guide you in the right direction for the type of visual brand you are looking to portray.

#3 It shows you are willing to work hard and are determined to make progress without the help of a label

Building your brand takes effort, strategy. and a unique voice that speaks directly to your super fans. The more you work at it the easier it becomes not on for you, but also for the label that takes you under their wing. The more you do up front the more appealing you will be in getting signed.

To put things simply… waiting for that magical day a label signs you to builds your brand hurts your career progress

It’s like saying you’ll open up a restaurant but wait to put up a sign of the name of your restaurant on the building, menus, and social media account until only after you’ve been in business for a year so you can figure out what brand you want to pick to represent you. You have to start with the brand first and then go from there.

Will you need to adjust your brand as you go? Maybe. But so what? That’s the whole point of business. You learn and can evolve over time as you test and find out what works for you. Ideally, you won’t have to rebrand if you put a strategy in place from the start but nothing is guaranteed in life. You do the best you can to make progress.

I can tell you from my own experience, I’ve already done a rebrand once for EDM World Magazine. Why? I learned more about my audience, what was needed to stand out on social media, and finally understood the importance of a cohesive design plan.

HELP ME! Where Do I Go From Here?

Do you have more questions about how to build your brand?

Are you looking for feedback on your brand’s logo, website, or social media?

Maybe you don’t have your brand created yet and you’re looking for guidance so you do it right the first time?

Need help figuring out how to create and execute a brand plan?

I can help. Fill out this form here and let’s work together to get you on the right path today.

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