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You put blood, sweat, and tears into perfecting your music every single day for months on end. You are finally ready to release it everywhere online and hear the sweet sound of… crickets?  


If there was one word you could use to describe the new music industry, it would be: confusing.


Whether you just need to share your music with the world, or you seriously can’t stand waking up on any morning that doesn’t begin with you making a living from your music, you’re in the right place.


Since you’re here right now, something tells me you’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit, a positive mindset, and more talent than most.


But maybe you…


  • Know you need to promote your music online but get overwhelmed with social media
  • Have no clue what strategies work TODAY to be a successful independent electronic dance music producer.
  • Need help growing your fan base and attracting an engaged tribe of raving superfans.
  • Feel like the oddball of your family. You wish they could relate to what you’re trying to do. They are supportive, but don’t quite “get it”.


No matter where you are in your music career journey you want your music to have a BIGGER impact.


You want to use your creative juices towards something that truly matters, both to you and the world.


You’re so READY to take your music career to that next level and finally quit your life-sucking day job.


But you just don’t know how to make that a reality. You feel stuck.


Trust me, my friend, I’ve been there and it wasn’t fun.


Now, around these parts, I have a few core beliefs…


  • I believe you have the inherent, “baby I was born this way”  drive deep inside you to build your music career that creates a profit, brings you joy, and changes people’s lives. Follow me and I’ll show you how to do it. I got you.
  • I believe you have put in the “work, work, work”  but you still feel like your dream of making it big has been kept hidden in the back of your mind for far too long. “Don’t you worry, don’t you worry child”… see, I’m here to help you bring your dream to life.
  • I believe you deserve happiness, respect, and love. And “I can’t stop” helping you to get it because I’m determined to give you the tools to create those feelings in every fiber of your being.
  • I believe you’ve searched for answers because “baby, this is what you came for” but… you haven’t found a solid mentor… yet. I know you’re thinking “don’t let me down, down, down” Denice!
  • And.. if I’m being honest, I also believe that inserting some of my favorite song lyrics in this section gives me life and giggles every once in a while to see who catches tiny subtleties like that 😉


The gist is this: you’ve got something important to say to the world with your music…and I’m here to help you do that like the music legend you are.


Music Industry Denice Dal Braccio


Hey! My name is Denice Dal Braccio and I am a unicorn. Hehe. But besides that… I’m also truly OBSESSED with teaching independent electronic dance music producers how to grow their fan base online, think like an entrepreneur, and help them fast forward their music careers!


How did this become my life?


Well, in 2013, I was working as an executive assistant in Manhattan, New York City. Living in the greatest city in the world was an incredible adventure, but working for someone else in the Finance and Insurance Industry often left me feeling uninspired, underutilized, underpaid, and creatively stifled. I was bored, unhappy, unsatisfied, and truly, I was miserable.


Cue the uplifting trance track: Seven Lions & Jason Ross feat. Paul Meany – Higher Love  



So, I started my company EDM World Magazine as a way to get me on a path to do something that made my heart sing. I put my entrepreneurial skills to work in hopes of helping new up and coming artists have a place to share their music and message with the world. I had NO idea what I was doing. Heck, I wasn’t even aware how many people’s lives I could change.


But my magazine rapidly became my at work and after work obsession. Luckily, my boss was really cool and allowed me to work on my business if he didn’t have any work left for me to do each day. Thanks, boss!


Between my strong passion and ridiculous commitment to trying new strategies and ideas, my magazine began to grow. Eventually, I started doing it full time.


I quit my job as an executive assistant, moved back home to New Jersey, and hustled on my business nonstop, earning the title of being the #1 electronic dance music magazine app in the world.


Since then, the magazine has continued to grow. I’ve set my sights on sharing what I’ve learned day in and day out working in the music industry. Now, it’s time for me to move on to online education — teaching aspiring independent electronic dance music producers how they too can grow their own music business and make it their career.


And now I want to help you build your own.


Through online courses, webinars, a Facebook community, and more, I hope to help hundreds of producers LIKE YOU, stand out from all the other noise online.


If you’re interested, I specialize in topics on building a fan base, social media marketing, email marketing, and tips and strategies to implement the “business” part of the music biz.


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