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5 Deadmau5 Masterclass Reviews

5 Deadmau5 Masterclass Reviews
Scrolling through facebook, I started to notice big musicians like Deadmau5, Hans Zimmer, Christina Aguilera, Reba Mcentire, and Usher each showing up in my newsfeed promoting their new Masterclasses. What is a Masterclass? A Masterclass is essentially an online course where anyone can teach others the knowledge they know about a specific topic.

Each of these five world-class musicians shares their skills. They’ve developed them over many years of blood, sweat, and tears working in the music industry. These courses allow them to be accessible to the general public where they would never be accessible otherwise. Who wouldn’t want to learn from some of the most successful artists of our generation?

Deadmau5 has become one of the most influential artists in Electronic Dance Music so I decided to focus on just him for this review. If you are interested in checking out all of the other artist’s Masterclasses mentioned above, click here to check them out.

What’s Included In The Deadmau5 Masterclass?

The class offers 23 viewable video lessons where he teaches you how to mix, master and market your music. He also includes a tag along class workbook which you can download and use alongside the class. Lastly, they give you the opportunity to upload your videos to gain valuable feedback from your class. If you are lucky, deadmau5 himself might also critique your work.

I decided to reach out to some of my friends who took the Deadmau5 Masterclass to get their personal feedback and see if it was worth the investment. 

5 Deadmau5 Masterclass Reviews

“The Deadmau5 Masterclass is the best 90 dollars I have spent as a producer. It isn’t so in depth that a beginner can’t understand the lessons, but it also isn’t so basic that it isn’t useful for seasoned producers. As someone who always had trouble with drum processing and programming, I believe that was what I found most valuable in this class. It also reminded me of a lot of basic techniques that I just looked over, even though I don’t produce house. I would say that this is definitely worth it for any producer at any level. 10/10 would recommend.”Zach Wilson Music

“The Deadmau5 Masterclass provided a great insight into the workflow of one of my favorite artists. I would recommend it to anyone trying to get their feet into the industry.”Julian Gray Media

“I found the Deadmau5 Masterclass to be really interesting. It was cool to see his workflow and how he works out his ideas. It was cool to hear his insights and watch him flesh out the bare bones of a song. He broke out chords and made chord progressions and used an arpeggiator on occasion. I got to see how someone of that caliber works. I would recommend it to anyone interested in getting started with electronic music production and to anyone who is a fan of deadmau5 in general.”Mira

“This Masterclass with Deadmau5 was fantastic as it has been the best $90 I have spent on my music in a long time. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, Joel covers a lot about inside the industry and gives his no-nonsense opinion. That alone is worth the price of admission.”Touchcircle

“Why not pay for something that can be worthwhile? Always invest in yourself, especially if you are dedicated and know this is your calling. I’ve been making music for over four years now and found some parts worthwhile. I will go back and re-watch all of the videos multiple times. I currently have a good paying job so $90 for the information provided seemed like a good investment to me. For people who have just started out with music production, it is a no brainer to get you into a DAW and start experimenting. This is coming from someone who has already paid $17,000 for a music education.” – Brandon Blunk

How To Take The Masterclass

As mentioned in one of the reviews above, the class is currently only $90 and you can sign up right now for instant access. If you wanted you could even finish it today! Click here to take the class now.

Do you know any DJs or Producers who could benefit from learning from a legend like Deadmau5? You can also gift it to them. Click here to give this class as a gift.

5 Deadmau5 Masterclass Reviews

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