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Zane Lowe from Beats 1 Apple Music Talks the Evolution of Valuing & Sharing Music at SXSW

SXSW Zane Lowe Keynote Speech

The Most Powerful SXSW Speech


Zane Lowe gave an incredible keynote speech this year at SXSW 2017. He shared his deep-rooted love of music as well as the evolution of valuing and sharing music.

A New Zealand-born radio DJ, Live DJ, record producer, and television presenter, Lowe is now the Creative Director and LA Anchor for Beats 1, Appleā€™s first free global radio station broadcasting 24/7 to over 100 countries. Here were some of the most powerful statements he made I felt were worth sharing.

Now, if music is a passion, YOU HAVE CHOICE.

STREAMING. It’s a model that brings the artist and the fan together.

More music is being listened to than ever before.

This may be the legacy of free. It’s encouraged the artist to think overall for themselves.

If you ask almost any young aspiring pop star, rapper or kid on the edge of culture, they’ll tell you creativity is a business model and attention is a currency. They’re working harder at it than ever before because we are an insatiable and demanding audience with, let’s not forget, access. But tomorrow’s new artist already know there’s so much more than just music.

Artists no longer need a hit record to thrive.

With so much music being made and distributed now, and without terrestrial radio slipstream, the emphasis is on a great idea. that build alongside great music to create an overall experience that we LOVE.

We don’t just love the music. We love the artist and many are achieving things that they’ve never achieved before.

Check out the full keynote below.

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